Narrowband Streetlight Control and Management System
Billion's NPLC (Narrowband Power-Line) Street Light Control and Management System is the initial, most original street light control and management system in the smart lighting portfolios. NPLC adapted in narrowband powerline technology and standalone LCMS cloud to remotely control lighting on and off, as well as suggesting ideal dimming time based on sunrise and sunset times. NPLC collects the detailed information of individual street light fixtures, including current voltage, energy status, power consumption, etc. and instantly uploads these data onto the standalone street light control panel. By accessing to the LCMS control panel, the administrator can perform off-line monitoring to oversee the operations of geographically scattered street lights, offer maintenance service promptly to avoid energy wastes, and maximize energy efficiency by dimming street lights intelligently.

Pairing with Billion's intelligent high-efficiency, high-performance outdoor LED drivers built with advanced lighting dimmer and power metering function, NPLC can adjust a single or groups of street lights with the re-defined user setting. Based on trend analysis, and intelligent sunrise and sunset calculations, we can maximize the performance, efficiency, and reliability of public lighting. At the same time, we also expand the duration and the life expectancy of street lights to effectively reduce maintenance costs.
CRD 3000
Intelligent Powerline Lighting Control Box
Power Line / RF Bridge
Smart Server
The Billion Intelligent Power Line Lighting Control Box is one of important communication device, which is embedded inside of each streetlight head and it can communicate with PLC smart server by using AC power line. It plays as the end-point in the power line communication network and can let administrator to make dimming and power on/off control function.
The CRD 3000 brings a PL/RF hybrid energy control solution to street lights for better performance, higher reliability, and lower costs.
The SmartServer is a versatile smart energy manager that connects control devices to IP-based applications such as enterprise energy management, demand response programs, street light management systems, and high-value remote asset management programs.

Standalone Street Light Control and Management Panel
Standalone Street Light Control Panel is heart of Billion's NPLC Intelligent Street Light Control and Management System. It is a centralized administrative tool that can remotely manage, control, and monitor street light assets and thereby create the optimal operation to achieve energy-saving objectives. On the Standalone Street Light Control Panel, users can check the status as well as the location of multiple street light networks. Ranging from presenting the voltage and watt reports, and the power consumption data of individual street light fixtures. Standalone Street Light Control Panel enables off-line monitoring service on an IP based network.