Broadband Streetlight Control and Management System

Unlike other lighting control brands who generally encounter short distance signal delivery, limited off-line administrator access and transmission instability using ZigBee and Narrowband, we adopt Broadband Power-Line (BPL) communication to solve all these problems. LCMS abundantly expands the number of manageable streetlights and broadens the control areas to overcome distance limitation. In addition to the calculation of sunlight period and analysis of environmental illumination, you can enhance the traffic management for rural roads, urban streets, and industrial paves by remotely dimming, switching on and off streetlights. We not only light up the visibility at middle-of-night to increase driving safety, but also dim the lights to reduce energy waste and protect the well-being of our ecosystem.

The amount of energy-saving up to 80% is achievable as the as a result combining LED street lights, Billion's dimmable outdoor LED drivers, and Billion's LCMS cloud-based Street Light Control platform. It is ideal for project managers and system integrators whose primary goals are to join municipality's public tenders for the purposes of

  • Building conventional street light with more energy efficient street lights
  • Optimizing energy efficiency performance and safety standards for energy-saving lighting products
  • Raising the awareness of the usage of intelligent street light control technologies
  • LCMS Cloud Service
    LCMS Cloud provides an extremely convenient platform for administrators to monitor and command a series of complicated dimming instructions at only one fingertip away - a revolutionary IoT lighting control system customized for your specific streetlight environment.
    A Giant Leap into Intelligent Streetlight Control
    Whether it is a single or scattered groups of streetlights, administrators are able to review on-hand illumination statistics, streetlight operational status, daily, monthly, and yearly power consumptions and to receive instant facility failure notifications. Colorful icons identify and label streetligtht fixtures which are either overheated or undiscovered in thorough management reports to optimize
    the speed of facility repairment.
    User-friendly Menu for Easy Operation
    Customizable System Report
    Complete information of streetlight is presented and identified on the Google Map. Administrator can easily browse and check the up-to-date operational status of mutiple streetlight networks.
    Review and monitor the current status of all streetlights in a list of customized, informative report. LCMS Cloud automatically filters and organizes information in accordance with individual users’ preferred system settlings.
    Choose a Favorite Mapping Display
    Easy Installation on Smartphone
    Integrated Google, Bing, ArcGIS, and Open Layer (Open Street) mapping displays, administrators can enjoy the convenience to oversee multiple streetlight networks via both online and offline modes.
    Administrators can quickly access to GPS location by using a Smartphone and easily collect the lighting controller ID information with barcode scanner App.


    Broadband Powerline Smart Lighting Segment Controller
    Broadband Powerline Smart Lighting Wireless Bridge
    Intelligent Power Line Lighting
    Control Box
    Billion’s Broadband Powerline Smart Lighting Segment Controller (SG7510) serves as a central controller in BPLC (Broadband Powerline Communication) and smart lighting applications.
    When there is more than one segment of streetlights to be controlled, Billion’s Broadband Powerline Smart Lighting Wireless Bridge (SG7530) links multiple segments of streetlights to one central controller by creating a broadband wireless network.

    The Billion Intelligent Power Line Lighting Control Box is embedded inside of every streetlight, serving as a transceiver transmitting data to PLC communication gateway over AC power line. It also plays as an end-point controller in the Intelligent Lighting Control Management System (LCMS) network, enabling administrators to make dimming and power on/off switch remotely.