Smart Lighting - Street Light Control and Management System (LCMS)

With 40 years of experience in the developments of networking and energy management technologies, we have become one of the leading green product suppliers by devoting ourselves to the innovation of Internet of Things (IoT) applications. We build strategic partnerships with worldwide leading LED lighting providers, such as Everlight, MiTAC, Leadray, etc., to integrate our technical know-hows by creating a comprehensive street light control and management solution. After several years of research and development, the street light control system has developed to a fully mature stage and can be classified into two types of the power-line communication systems- Narrowband and Broadband. Varying on the size of transmission bandwidths, narrowband and broadband provide each of their unique advantages to meet the diverse demands of our worldwide clients. From monitoring street light status, generating energy saving reports to remotely switching power on, off and dimming, Billion's LCMS provides versatile, user-friendly features with complete sets of administrative functionalities for an upgraded street light control experience.

The primary goal of designing LCMS is to encourage the reduction of carbon emission and greenhouse gas by offering visible lighting efficiency reports, showing the energy saving results after the replacement of LED lights. Billion's LCMS aims to assist worldwide system integrators, communities, and municipalities to reduce the manpower and the money spent on maintenance services. Through the intelligent dimming schedule, automatic power on and off functionality, and energy saving configuration, LCMS can help nations converse today's scarce energy resources and protect tomorrow's green ecosystem.

Reliable Lighting Management
Switching on, off and dimming make a big difference in saving power and electricity. Through adjusting lighting in accordance with environmental illuminations, LCMS effectively dims the streetlights by corresponding to different outdoor scenarios.
We combine 3G and 4G LTE broadband powerline communication to monitor an extensive range of streetlights without distance limitations. The cloud computing platform integrated with complex performance analysis grasps the real-time luminaire status of different streetlights in a configuration report.
A user-defined scale with 10 power dimming levels allows administrators to effectively maximize the efficiency of every luminaire. Customizable luminaire controls greatly contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emission and eliminate any energy dissipation.
LCMS is a cutting-edge, reliable lighting management system that you can trust. Being able to monitor streetlight performance 24/7 and send out immediate facility failure alarms, the cloud computing system automatically notifies critical power outages, streetlight abnormalities and further prevents traffic incidents from happening.

Narrowband Power Line

Broadband Power Line