Smart Energy

Global warming has increasingly become a severe global issue that was paid attention by worldwide environment avocators. The reductions of greenhouse gas and carbon emissions are emphasized in the statement of responsibility by multi-dollars corporations. Energy conservation and sustainable manufacturing production are the two important focuses of the nowaday business. Therefore, we provide governments, manufacturers, building and solar system owners an extensive array of facilities that monitor energy consumption to improve operational energy efficiency, and further prevent wastes and environmental pollutions.

Combined metering measurement with data transmission devices, BEsmart Energy Management Solution can process your energy consumption data into analytic profiles and digital assessments, uncovering places for efficiency improvements to generate a greater ROI result. Ranging from manufacturing, transportation, electrical, air-conditioning, lighting, water to solar systems, we not only want to assist you in reducing facility operational costs, but also to minimize carbon emission and energy wastes while protecting the sustainability of our Earth.


Analyzing and Planning the Opportunities for Energy Efficiency Improvement

Calculating the ROI of Different Electrical Facilities and Service Delivery Channels

Implement the Effective Facilities and Services by Following a Strategic Roadmap

Monitoring and Reviewing the Result Before and After the Implementations

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