Smart Grid AMI Low Voltage Standalone


Billion SG5001 R2
Billion SG5011 R2
Broadband PLC AMI Low Voltage End Point
Broadband PLC AMI Low Voltage Concentrator
The Billion SG5001 R2 is a standalone end-point device which can be connected with a smart meter by using RS485 or RS232. It enables Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) services for meters with serial interfaces. This broadband PLC communication CPE has a state-of-the-art broadband PLC chipset.
The Billion SG5011 R2 is a broadband PLC communication unit, which connects and transfers data over the electric grid from the backbone to the customer’s endpoints. It bridges medium voltage (MV) grids to low voltage (LV) grids. The Billion SG5011 R2 LV concentrator can serve as a back haul channel responsible for collecting and transmitting all data signals to and from the MV head-end device located in the utilities control center.


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