Smart Grid AMI Low Voltage Module

SG5000 & SG5010R2 support daughter board and deliver up to 200 Mbps connection bandwidth with automatic repeating and Ad-Hoc networking. Protected by DES, 3DES, 128-bit and 256-bit AES, SG5000 and SG5010R2 feature outstanding SNMP and web GUI (Graphic user interface) for easy installation. The module can also couple BPL signals into the wiring of individual households to run energy management applications, such as in-home energy use displays.

Billion SG5010R2
Billion SG5000
AMI HE Module
AMI Module
Billion SG5010R2 has the same functionality with Billion SG5011R2, a broadband PLC communication unit that connects and transfers data over the electric grids from utility companies to customer’s endpoints. Billion SG5011R2 serves as a backhaul channel responsible for the bi-directional signal transmission between Low Voltage (LV) and Medium Voltage (MV) head-end devices locating at the utilities control center. Billion SG5011 R2 enables multiple broadband power line applications such as Smart Grid, power outage notification, dynamic routing and intelligent repetition, SCADA extension, and surveillance over the medium voltage grid. SG5011 R2 also supports additional service features, including Internet, telephony, security alarm, smart home control, and video services.
Billion SG5000 has the same functionality as SG5001R2, a standalone endpoint device that can be connected with a smart meter by using RS485 or RS232. Billion SG5000 provides Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) services to smart meters with serial interfaces. This broadband PLC communication CPE has a state-of-the-art broadband PLC chipset and can offer robust broadband network communication over the electrical grids. Integrating metering systems with an intelligent IP-based network, SG5000 supports the control of load and priority management, power outage notification and alarm information, and historical data and precious every minute readings. Billion SG5000 also delivers grid network to monitor energy consumption, control tariff data, and remotely switch power on/off via the metering interface either through a collector or directly from the communication module.
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