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» Smart Grid White Paper
    AMI and Smart Grid
    Communication       Technologies for AMI
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Smart Grid White Paper
Planning Communication Networks for AMI
» Introduction  
Smart Grids are being promoted by electrical utilities and regulatory agencies worldwide as a way of addressing initiatives on energy saving, global warming and power grid reliability and security issues. The smart grid network is an integration of (i) electric power grids that delivers electricity from power generation sources to end-users and (ii) effective two-way digital communication networks between utilities and consumers that monitors, manages, and controls the grid operations, renewable resources, and energy demands. The smart grid also enables major energy management applications on the consumer side that leverage Home Area Network (HAN) technologies.

The business drivers of smart grid development can be summarized as follows:
“A smarter grid applies technologies, tools and techniques available now to bring knowledge to power – knowledge capable of making the grid work far more efficiently...”
The Smart Grid – An Introduction by US Department of Energy
Customer Participation
It is to enable customers to participate in electricity system operations. Smart grid offers customer choices in energy demand management and continues enhancing service quality.
Emission Awareness
It is to address the greenhouse gas issues. Smart grid allows effective integration of various renewable generation and plug-in electric vehicles (PEV).
Utility planning and operations
It is to improve power grid reliability and quality. Smart grid offers effective grid operation solutions and continues enhancing system security. Smart grid can also address utility's aging infrastructure and workforce issues.

Below are some examples of smart grid enabled applications:
Objectives Application Examples
Reduce service interruptions and fast restorations Distribution automation, outage notifications
Customer energy management Demand responses, smart metering, real-time consumptions
Distributed energy resource (DER) integration PV interconnection, PEV management
Aging facility management Condition based maintenance, system monitoring and protections
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