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Street Lighting Control Applications
Project 1: Intelligent Streetlight Control and Management Solutions

As energy efficiency becomes increasingly important for controlling costs, improving energy independence and reducing environmental impact, street lighting using advanced technology like the LED (Light-Emitting Diode) and enhanced HID (High Intensity Discharge) could become the world's leading technology to meet energy conservation objectives. Compared with traditional HPS (High-Pressure Sodium) streetlights, these new streetlight solutions also provide improved life cycle cost and better color rendering. Therefore, more and more cities adopt the environmentally friendly and energy efficient lighting solutions without compromising illumination quality.
Billion LCMS solution is based on narrowband power line communication (PLC) system, enabling the administrators to centrally manage and control the large-scale streetlight networks. With Billion customized LED driver embedded, Billion LCMS solution is able to provide high efficiency, reliability and energy saving for street lighting applications.
- The initial cost of implementing an advanced streetlight system is higher than traditional HPS lights.
- Ease of installation could be a key factor that affects the success or failure of the implementation.
Billion's core strength
With 40 years of experience in power supply and energy management technologies, Billion has become a leading green product supplier in industry and has been devoting itself to the development on Internet of Things (IOT) applications. In addition to the strategic partnership built with worldwide leading LED solution providers, Billion continues to enhance the smart lighting portfolios and its Intelligent Streetlight Control and Management System (LCMS) solution has become tier one product line which demonstrated strong potential in the market.
Intelligent Streetlight Control and Management System (LCMS)
Billion Intelligent Streetlight Control and Management System (LCMS) enables a community to meet energy conservation objectives by adopting comprehensive street lighting solutions. Energy savings of up to 70% efficiency is achievable as a result of improved performance of luminaries, lamps and intelligent control management. It is ideal for project managers or administrators at utilities, departments of transportation, transit authorities, and municipalities to meet their energy conservation goals.

Built with the Billion intelligent LED drivers, the advanced streetlight with dimmer and power metering functions embedded can adjust groups of luminaries with pre-defined setting based on trend analysis to ensure high performance, efficiency and reliability and to extend the life expectancy of the streetlights.

Intelligent Streetlight Control and Management System (LCMS)

LCMS is the brain of the Billion Intelligent Street Lighting Solution. It is a centralized management system to manage and control street light assets hence allow the optimal operation to achieve your performance objectives. Users can use a browser based thin client to access the LCMS over an IP based network.


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