Billion Smart Grid

Smart Energy Management System

From monitoring solar power generation to tracking electricity consumption levels, our BEsmart Energy Management solutions help industrial, commercial, and residential users grasp in-depth and up-to-date insights into the electricity that supports their day-to-day operations. Consisted of smart meters, internet gateways, and an intelligent cloud-computing platform, BEsmart Energy Management brings greater visibility to your energy consumptions by reliably and accurately auditing your electrical activities.

Smart Grid AMI/BPL

With over 42 years of expertise dedicated to the innovations of network and energy management technologies, we have developed comprehensive Smart Grid solutions enabling bi-directional data distribution with extraordinary transmission stability. From the deployment in low voltage to medium voltage, we utilize power-line advanced communication (PLC) to build reliable AMI and BPL systems to transform the delivery of electricity. Our Smart Grid solutions significantly broaden the transmission distance, data capacity, and the flexibility of electricity conditioning.

Smart Lighting Control and Management
We build a series of seamless, cutting-edge street light management system to help municipalities boost the street light energy efficiency while reducing carbon emission. Through the intelligent monitoring of street light performance, municipalities can save energy and reduce labor costs by setting up preferred dimming schedules and remotely switching lighting on/off. From providing sunrise and sunset calculation, immediate street light outage alarms, to IP camera integration, we have not only enriched the city's safety by improving security, but also minimized energy waste with the next generation of Smart City solution.